Economic Development Assistance

Strategic Planning


Let Head Down Strategies assist in the development of a strong strategic plan to guide your organization toward a successful future.  Understanding your locality’s assets and liabilities, identifying targets, setting goals and building a workplan to implement a vision are critical steps to creating a thriving economic development effort.  A solid strategy is the foundation for committing future resources. With a guiding strategy in place, local economic developers, administrators and elected officials can more effectively weave economic development into the overall comprehensive plan for the locality.  Working with local staff, Head Down Strategies can assist in developing a local strategic plan recognizing current conditions, recognizing unique community assets, setting a vision for the future and developing a pathway to that vision.

Marketing and Business Development


Economic development activity happens when the global business community knows that opportunity exists.  Getting your community’s message out is a basic element in any economic development endeavor.  How does a locality effectively get its message out?  What constitutes the best uses of limited resources? Are there other organizations that can assist in marketing and business development?

Head Down Strategies can assist your locality in developing a marketing strategy and can deliver your story to critical clients and partners.  For many localities, the strategy of tackling marketing and business development alone is ineffective.  Let us work with you to ensure that your resources are being used effectively and are reaching the broadest audience possible.

Site Documentation and Preparedness


Having adequately prepared and documented sites and buildings is crucial to attracting economic development activity. In today’s world, nearly every site selection undertaking in the private sector begins online.  A prospect’s access to data can make the difference between being included in a site search or being eliminated.  

Head Down Strategies can assist in identifying how prepared a site is and in developing a strategy for improving the product.  Having sites with proper infrastructure or a solid plan for addressing infrastructure needs is critical.  Time is money for a developer and, to be considered in site searches, the private sector must have confidence in a locality’s ability to deliver a suitable product.  Head Down Strategies will also work with a locality to ensure that identified sites and buildings are properly documented and available to other economic development partners that can help disseminate the information. 

Economic Development Assistance


Private Sector Support


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