interim economic development services

Transitions in organizations can be cumbersome. Maybe your locality has plans to overhaul or create a new, dynamic economic development program.  The time and effort spent up front in organizing and developing a program directly affects its success in the future.  Likewise, hiring the correct person to run an economic development effort is critical.  These efforts require focused attention and without economic development leadership in place during a transition, a locality can find it difficult to adequately address these situations.

Head Down Strategies will fill the critical leadership roles in your economic development program on an interim basis, ensuring that a comprehensive program is set in place, strategies for the future are defined, and critical partnerships with other agencies are initiated.  We will also assist with the hiring process for permanent leadership to carry out your newly developed program.  Once the appropriate staff and programming are in place, Head Down Strategies can provide any needed support moving forward to ensure that your economic development efforts are successful.

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Interim Economic Development Services