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When a private organization undertakes a project that must work its way through a governmental process, the pathway to success begins long before the first meeting with government officials.  Measures of success are different for the public and private sectors; proper preparation can mean the difference between success and failure.  Even after initial meetings, projects usually require significant follow-up, negotiation and public involvement.  Government feedback on projects can be confusing and how a company responds can affect a project’s timeline.  Potentially adding time and money to the bottom line of a project, final approvals by government agencies often require sign-off from various administrative and elected bodies.

Head Down Strategies can partner with your organization to ensure projects properly highlight benefits to a community, adequately address areas of potential concern and clearly demonstrate a positive return on investment for a locality.  With years of experience on the government’s side of projects, we understand the “language” and needs of local, regional and state government.  Our experience can keep your project on-track and moving through the governmental process. As a partner, Head Down Strategies can help bridge the gap between public and private project processes and expectations.


Proposal Preparation

Preparing a response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) can be a daunting task for a private organization. Many RFP’s provide only brief descriptions of the material required for submittal.  A simple description of a proposed response may not be enough to make a company’s proposal stand out.  A properly prepared proposal needs to clearly and adequately identify the project’s benefit to the organization requesting it.  A private company must understand the needs of the organization seeking proposals and must address those needs in terminology meaningful to that organization.

At Head Down Strategies, we have experience both in preparing successful proposals and in receiving submissions for a diverse variety of RFP’s.  We will work with a company to ensure a proposal not only meets all of the requirements of an RFP, but also sets itself apart from other responses.  Our experience with all levels of government gives Head Down Strategies the background to assist private sector clients in preparing proposals that speak government’s language, address the needs of government organizations and provide the data to solidly support a project.


Site Selection and Location Services

When a company makes the decision to expand, downsize or relocate a facility, the site selection process can consume tremendous staff time and resources.  A new facility’s success can determine the business future of a company.  Decisions are guided by numerous factors including upfront and ongoing costs, quality of life, workforce, access and incentives. Making the proper decisions can occupy an exorbitant amount of leadership’s time and staying focused on the process is critical.

Let Head Down Strategies assist you in one of the most important decisions your company will make. With over 25 years of planning and economic development experience, we have assisted numerous companies in a variety of industry sectors with their relocation and expansion efforts.  Our network of partners can effectively address all areas of the site selection process.  Head Down Strategies will work with your staff to determine your company’s needs and will represent you throughout the process.  Confidentiality is often a major concern for clients and we will work to ensure our interactions at all levels of government retain that confidence.  From strategically planning at the start, to negotiating the best package for your company, Head Down Strategies will put your company on the path to success as it grows and transforms.

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